The Dead Writers Club was born out of the fact that there are very few living writers out there that are worth reading. (Naturally, this is because we all yearn to live in the past)

Do you consistently feel as though you are living in the wrong time period? We do too.

This blog is a celebration of literature and the greats who wrote before us.
~ Tuesday, August 31 ~

Happy Deathday Monsieur Baudelaire!

French Poet Charles Baudelaire died of a stroke on this day in 1867. He is buried in Paris, France.


If you’ve not read Baudelaire’s work and you like cynical, deeply moving, dramatic, dark and sensually lyrical poetry with a dash of melancholy thrown in for good measure; then Baudelaire is for you! He was one of the innovators of French literature and is widely considered one of the pioneers of using symbolism and sound to create an atmosphere in his somewhat formally structured poetry.

Baudelaire was also a translator of Edgar Allan Poe and greatly admired his work. Much of his own work is infused with eerie themes and gothic language and it is obvious he was very influenced by the writings of Poe. Baudelaire’s work has been a topic of debate and discourse many a time as his poems encompass taboo themes such as satanism, the role of women and at times, his liberal support of the bohemian lifestyle of his time which included using opium and frequenting brothels. 

Our all time favorite work by Baudelaire is undoubtedly Les Fleurs du Mal, or The Flowers of Evil. The poems within this collection are both morbid and sexual. Baudelaire shocked many people with this work but we think it is his very best.  If you want a great reference site for Les Fleurs du Mal and Baudelaire’s life while he was writing it, check out this link!   We highly recommend it.

In 1864, he left Paris for Belgium. He began to drink excessively and it is thought he may have contracted syphilis and gonorrhea by this time. After he died, many of his poems were in fact, published posthumously and his mother is said to have remarked “I see that my son, for all his faults, has his place in literature”. Well said, Mama Baudelaire, he does indeed.

We encourage our readers and writers alike to examine the two themes Baudelaire held highest above all others… sex and death. What do they mean to you? How do they influence your own work? Just be sure you…*cough* use protection… and examine said themes with caution and responsibility.

Write on in peace, Monsieur Baudelaire!

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~ Tuesday, June 15 ~

American poet, David Ignatow (February 7, 1914 — November 17, 1997) reads his poem “…What About Dying?” 

circa 1990s

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~ Sunday, May 16 ~

As By the Dead We Love to Sit

As by the dead we love to sit,
Become so wondrous dear—
As for the lost we grapple
Tho’ all the rest are here—

In broken mathematics
We estimate our prize
Vast—in its fading ration
To our penurious eyes!

-written by Emily Dickinson, published in 1924

Our favorite line is undoubtedly “In broken mathematics…”

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~ Sunday, March 7 ~

As I Sit Writing Here…

We know we’re still 19 days away from Mr. Whitman’s deathday bash, but we couldn’t resist posting this lovely picture of his writing desk.

Just…absorb it..

As I sit writing here, sick and grown old,

Not my least burden is that dulness of the years, querilities,Ungracious glooms, aches, lethargy, constipation, whimpering 

May filter in my daily songs.

-From Leaves of Grass (1891-1892)

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~ Wednesday, March 3 ~

One need not be a chamber to be haunted” … and one need not be alive to stir the living.

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~ Saturday, February 27 ~

Who’s On Facebook?

We are!

Become a fan today and gain access to additional awesomeness! Join our Discussion Board; this week’s topic: SLYVIA PLATH!

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~ Tuesday, February 9 ~

Seeger Awareness!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is a picture of Mr. Alan Seeger. We felt it should be posted in lieu of posting his poem (a personal favourite by the way). Seeger’s poetry was not published until 1917, a year after his death… go figure.  He is a severely underrated poet and we love spreading Seeger awareness!

Also- fun fact… guess what JFK’s favourite poem was…

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~ Monday, February 1 ~

Bienvenue, my dears!

Welcome, welcome to our humble little blog “Dead Writers Club”! If you have found this blog all on your own, well… you deserve cake.

But seriously, we’re overjoyed to have you! Put up your feet and settle in… you’re in for a wonderfully enriching experience!

As we say, “Let’s celebrate some literature!!!”

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